Half-elf gunslinger. Purebreed of the Iron Dogs mercenary company.


Even before she was old enough to entertain her first romance, Lirianne had mastered the construction and firing of a rifle, and could reckon complex trajectories by eye alone. Lirianne spent years of her life as a city guard in Almas, rounding up drunks and mediating water rights. But being a wanderer at heart, she felt that her tedious career was eating away at her passion for adventure. After spending some years adventuring in the strange land of Avistan, she returned home to Almas. But instead of returning to the city guard, she decided to join up with the Iron Dogs. Now a Purebreed, Lirianne gets to enjoy an adventurous life while making a comfortable living as a respected mercenary.




Adventures in Alkenstar Telthoris