Adventures in Alkenstar

Welcome to Alkenstar!

Let's recap the story so far...

Our brave heroes began their epic saga in the city of Almas, in Andoran. There, they all met while applying for the Iron Dogs mercenary company. Their first assignment should’ve been an easy one: assist some of the company’s higher-ranking members in their task of founding a small branch of the Iron Dogs in the enigmatic city of Alkenstar, far to the south in the mysterious Mana Wastes. With a presence in the Clockwork Metropolis, the leaders of the Iron Dogs hoped they could start importing firearms into destinations in the Inner Sea, as well as add formidable firepower to their arsenal.

Our heroes and their superiors – the brash warrior Valeros, the soft-spoken magus Seltyiel, and the level-headed but rowdy gunslinger Lirianne – booked passage on a magnificent airship, the Cloud Drake, captained by the halfling Niva Gillespie. What should’ve been an uneventful flight back to Alkenstar went horribly awry when the airship was attacked by strange, seemingly mutated humanoids among the plateaus a day’s ride away from the city. In the chaos, the party’s superiors were hurled overboard, their fates unknown, and the airship crashed into the badlands below. Despite this turn of events, the PC’s were able to recover a small part of the ship’s cargo and keep captain Gillespie safe long enough for a rescue to arrive. And fortunately enough, it did, in the form of a squad of Shieldmarshals, Alkenstar’s arm of the city watch composed of gunslingers.

Upon reaching Akenstar, the party joined Gillespie in delivering what meager cargo she had been able to salvage, not really having anywhere else to go. Gillespie introduced the PC’s to Father Pandor Dumas, a priest of Abadar. father Dumas offered the party assistance in establishing the branch of the Iron Dogs (for despite having lost contact with their superiors, the PC’s discovered the documents required for the establishment of the mercenary company in the city amid the wreckage of the airship). In exchange for his help, the party agreed to investigate a series of grave robberies that had been taking place in the city over the past weeks.

The party visited some of the robbery sites, gathering information along the way. They have managed to uncover some clues so far. Nine years ago almost to the day, a witchcraft scandal rocked Alkenstar. Magistrate Aredil Sultur, a newcomer to the council at the time, exposed a coven of five witches he claimed were responsible for all manner of devilish activities in and around Alkenstar. The witches were put on trial, and sentenced to execution. The witches were executed on a specially prepared plot of land deep in Widower’s Wood to the north, and the bodies were locked away in a crypt there. As the years went by, the seven jurors who participated in the trial passed away. It’s their bodies that are now being stolen from their graves.

The next step, it seems, is to investigate this witches’ tomb…



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